Technology transfer

Technology transfer

Four important factors to be taken into consideration for a successful technology transfer.

The role of governments; the responsibility of scientists & engineers; the culture of science; the understanding of the environment

  • The role of governments

The governments have the power to decide how to support Science and Technology. They should take their responsibilities by creating conditions that drives the transfer of know-how.

  • The responsibility of scientists & engineers

Scientists and engineers have the power to innovate and support the development through their know-how. They must take their responsibilities because the world is looking at them.

In fact, the world has been entrusted to scientists and engineers, and if African scientists and engineers do not take their responsibilities, they will be accountable for the decline of Africa. They should reflect on ways to achieve this goal.

  • The culture of science

The culture of science and technology should be introduced at the community level to improve the ability of the people to recognize ordinary scientific applications to their daily lives, and therefore enhance the prospect for innovation and prosperity.

The absence of this culture shuts the gate to a community’s ability to summon for its own use and welfare, those simple and common technologies that are not only available but also affordable. African countries need to use such technologies to establish cottage industries and provide jobs

  • The understanding of the environment

In our vision for science and environment, we want to address a new approach to the understanding, interpretation and appropriation of the so-called natural events.

We believe that the understanding of these events will help to fight the idea that everything that happens is related to bad luck or some divine wrath.

We find essential to support African society through the scientific interpretation of natural events happening in their environment. Mathematical formulas to develop their understanding, thus their use for the benefit of society.

Newton’s law of universal gravitation and Einstein law of relativity are nothing other than the understanding of the natural environment. This is true for many others. It is a major challenge to meet.