Research & Development

Research & Development

Well equipped universities are core structure for development. They are good catalyst for innovation. People need to be well educated and well trained? They can only be well educated and well trained if only if universities are well equipped with libraries and laboratories.

Each African country is appealed to generate proper funds to support research and technology transfer. Research is not luxurious for Africa but a necessity.

African need strong universities, strong research center, strong universities of applied science.

New agricultural technology need to be developed. Transforming agriculture and expanding its productive capacity is very important prerequisite for improving living standards in african countries


Becoming world leader in research, we believe

Each African country need to select areas of scientific research in which it commits itself to become a world leader, as a matter of medium –term and long-range national commitment.

Basic structures to win this bet are well equipped laboratories, Well equipped Universities and more scientific cadres, and very important are development of an industrial base for assimilating the product of scientific work. Yes, that is technology transfer.

Technology transfer means from knowledge to practice.

African nations should ease away from policy of being raw-materials exporters, by opening their customs gateways to rations of hand-me down industrial technology, with emphasis upon import substitutions in categories of consumer-goods production.