Technology transfer & local innovators

According to us, technology transfer is not only the matter of scientists and engineers of the Diaspora, but it is mainly the matters of local citizens:

  • Scientists and engineers from universities
  • Do-it-yourself scientists and engineers

People working locally are the main actors of technology transfer.

Scientists and engineers from universities

A new paradigm that enable local scientists and engineers to transform the results of their research activities into practical application need to be developed. Grade inside universities should be given accordingly. New parameters that govern the recruitment and grade changing at universities should be put in place. Researchers should develop their ability to create spin-off. Their research activities should be focused on resolving problems encounters by local industries.

Do-it-yourself scientists & engineers

Do-it-yourself scientists & engineers are people who use their personal knowledge to learn about their natural environment and create new solution to solve problems. In general, such people are neglected by african governments. Their activities needed to be fully supported. They should partner with local universities to improve their products in order to become more competitive.