Diaspora & Technology Transfer

The speed of technology transfer in africa is very low; one main reason is relied to the african brain drain. The number of highly qualified labour work force working outside the continent. How can the voyage of discovery of African citizens be parsimoniously used for the benefit of the continent? The mobilization of skills of African diaspora can play an important role in the acquisition and development of technologies in africa.

However, the successful transfer of technology by the diaspora is relied to the ability of african governments to create conditions that attracts African d scientists and engineers from the Diaspora.

There are various approaches or strategies by which African in the diaspora can use to contribute to the transfer of technology:

  • Application of existing technologies to provide services (Health, ICT, research, etc.)
  • Application of existing technologies to produce goods and boost the economy (creation of start-ups)
  • Improve the technical capacity of industries (A link should be created between the diaspora and local industry who are willing to improve the quality of their production in order to become more competitive
  • Boost the technology absorption (Capacity to acquire from external source a technological knowledge, develop, assimilate & use via a firm)
  • Boost technology adaptation (Capability of adapting existing technologies according the existing environment and create jobs; Here, one should consider the lack of some infrastructure, and just proof the capacity to use the acquired knowledge)
  • Reinforce research staff in African universities (In this case, much attention should be focused on applied research; the results of the research activities should be immediately put into application via spin-off. Gone are the days where the results of research in africa where only good for publications)
  • Diaspora expertise in sectors which are not locally available
  • People in the Diaspora who are ready to take the risk by investing in new companies with the objective of introducing new technology should be encouraged.
  • Deepen the partnership between Diaspora and private sector