6th RUAD – EURD conference on Science & Technology from 7th to 8th September 2018,  Technische Universität Berlin


Topic: African Scientists and Engineers in Germany;  Key catalysts for Knowledge sharing and Technology Transfer?


As one of the leading countries in science and technology, Germany has trained a considerable number of African scientists and engineers.  These trained scientists and engineers in Germany are potential human capital to boost the science and technology sector in Africa. Despite this high number of African engineers and scientists trained in Germany, the vast majority of countries inside the continent are still lacking infrastructures, industries and high ranking research centers that can contribute to solve very simple elementary problems inside the continent. Very few African engineers and scientists trained in Germany are active inside the continent. That is a very negligent amount compare to their number.

To fully support the agenda 2063 developed by the African Union, the African scientists and engineers in Germany need to take a leadership role because we strongly believe that they can due to their expertise and capabilities. A huge responsibility therefore hangs on their shoulders.

In this respect, the support of the Diasporan initiative by African governments is of paramount importance. In fact, a platform to support the activities of African scientists and engineers in Africa is urgently requested. Today many countries in the world have programmes and incentives to attract the best brains. Also, Africa need strategies to attract the best African brains over the world. We stand to fail if we do not have the right incentives to attract those brains residing outside the continent.

The main question that we will seek to answer at the conference will be:

How can we strategise to take advantage of the knowledge of African scientists and engineers in Germany?

The conference will also showcase success stories in Africa of some African Engineers and Scientists in Germany

Part of the conference will include inaugural lectures by well-known prominent guests who plays an important role in to galvanize the African engineers and scientists in the Diaspora.

Registration : conf@ruad-eurd.org



 Première édition 2017, Les vainqueurs


Première catégorie : Meilleur Projet d´Entreprise Réalisable 

Premier prix : AMOUSSOU GAFFAN AYEWODE  ( Togolais), Global Biotek


MIANTSIA OLIVIER ( Chef de projet, Camerounais), Centre Africain de Recherche et de Développement Participatif

Membres de l´équipe

Nguessu Charles, Mogué Béatrice , Chedjou Merlin , Takam Victoire


Deuxième catégorie : Recherche Appliquée & Innovation Technologique

Premier prix : Dr. MAHBOU GABRIEL  & EQUIPE

Dr. MAHBOU GABRIEL ( Chef de projet, Camerounais), Université de Yaoundé – I

Membres de l´équipe
• Mr. SIADJEU CHRISTIAN (Camerounais),  Université de Yaoundé-I
• Ms. MARIE ATEKO TIOKENG  (Camerounaise), University deYaoundé-I

Deuxième prix : NGATCHOU ALBAN (Camerounais)

Chercheur à l´IRAD

Ecole nationale supérieure d´agro-industrie de Ngaoundéré (ENSAI)


Community Promotion Excellence Award

PAUL NKE, (Camerounais) Ingenierie de construction


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Dr. Paul K. FOKAM